Email Processing System

Welcome to the EPS Family and Congratulations on taking the first step to a brighter financial future!

Please join our Facebook Group Chat to meet other team members. If you have any questions, feel free to message us on the Facebook chat. Once again Congratulations!

Please continue to the training pages for instructions on how to get started and download the EPS Handbook.

As part of your membership, you qualify for special rates with IGS Web Design. To take advantage of their special rates and personalized EPS websites, please use the links on this website. If you are not sure, feel free to ask us in the Facebook Chat.

To make a success of this system, please make sure to read all the literature and watch all videos.

Steps to Success …

Step 1

First thing you do when you join … Read through the training webpages and watch the videos. Also don’t forget to download the EPS Handbook (see downloads) full of PreWritten Ad Copy and join our Facebook Group Chat.

Step 2

You either create your website or get our web designers to do it for you. 

Step 3

After your website is made you should join 5-6 facebook groups a day (no more than 8). On Facebook, you will go to ‘Search’ and look up ‘marketing’, ‘advertising’, ‘make money online’ etc. Also you can find groups in our list of Facebook groups (see downloads). 

Step 4

Copy ad’s out of the EPS Handbook and post them in the groups you have chosen, along with the pictures provided. Or you can make your own ads or pictures. Just be honest and be creative!

Step 5

When someone replies or comments on your ads go to each person who has commented and ask them to message you. Block everyone on your post that’s not interested or who may be posting about their business on your post. 

Step 6

In messenger you can reply with the prewritten scripts in the EPS Handbook, don’t send your website link unless they ask or very interested. 

Step 7

Be persistent, but don’t be pushy, give them space (a couple days) then go back to the person with your follow up script.

Step 8

If you decide to make use of the basic website with a $25 PayPal button, this is when the ’email processing’ happens. As people make payments to join (once you receive the email notification from PayPal), then you will send the pre-written welcome message and emails (see downloads) to those people.

If you have opted for a membership site like this one, then the ’email processing’ is done automatically – they pay and automatically receive access to the pages as you have.

Step 9

Don’t think negative, always keep a positive attitude! No matter what they throw at you, keep smiling and keep talking to the next person. If you get a definite ‘No’… BLOCK THEM and move onto the next person.

Step 10

You have the power in your hands, now build your empire. Get out there and get some money!!

Training Videos …

Get your personalized website at our special members rate. See an example here:

EPS Basic Page (Wix example)

Would prefer a membership site like this one? For a once of fee of $50 our web designers can do it for you!


Make sure you send the all the required information to our web designers promptly. They will send you the link to your site within 24 hours of receiving your information.

What To Do When Somebody Joins Your Team?

$3k Per Month Blueprint

Daily Action Plan

What You Need To Be Doing On A Daily Basis – Part 1

What You Need To Be Doing On A Daily Basis – Part 2

How To Attract Your Audience Using Facebook

Position Yourself As A Leader -> TOTAL DOMINATION

Strategy #How To Post In Facebook Groups

Important Facebook TIP:

Post in at least 20 – 50 different ‘work from home’ or ‘make money online’ groups per day. Post a picture with your text ad, wether it be a proof picture or just a motivational picture.

Don’t post your link in your ad or the name of the company. Don’t post how much it costs to start.

Strategy #2 Build Your Targeted Audience – $$$$$

Strategy #3 Closing On Facebook! USE THIS SCRIPT!

 Create Your Own Ads – Creativity Will Make You $1,000’s

Craigslist …

How To Post On Craigslist

Make sure you know these FAQ’s to respond to your Craigslist leads on the Phone.

How To Respond To Your Prospects From Craigslist
Offline FLYER & CRAIGSLIST Powerful Strategy!
Offline FLYER – Closing Your Prospect!